pink trapeze

last friday night the four of us went to pink!’s funhouse concert at the dome. i expected a show but WHAT A SHOW! she is amazing and absolutely stunning! such charisma and presence. the show itself was a visual spectacle. fantastic costumes, lighting, choreography, musicians but it was her voice that blew me away. that and the fact i knew all but 1 song which always makes a concert that bit more enjoyable.

pink funhouse

probably though the best thing about the night was watching the kids’ faces as they saw the sheer size of the crowd and then the actual event come to life. we’ve been building up to this concert for months and i really don’t think they had any idea what to expect. jak rocked out and sung the entire night. chloe, remaining cool was a little more subdued but her applause and screams gave her away at the end of every song.

pink red sing

we had the best night.

and of course ed and i just went along to chaperone the kids…….yeah right!


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