yep, well it’s nearly time for me to take a big breath and jump. my 1st solo exhibition is looming and whilst i feel pretty damn excited, i’m feeling nervous and at times a little overwhelmed. luckily i have a group of wonderful people who are dissolving my doubts and propping up my confidence. They are amazing friends. So to my mum, misty, jodine, mark, samm, andrew, lexie, todd, casey, michelle and kerry, a huge thankyou for being such integral parts of this dream.

so, vi-cis-si-tude? where did the title come from? i can thank ms harrison for that. As my ‘graphic designer extraordinaire’ she wholly and soully took on the task of the invite, including coming up with a title that wasn’t as pathetically twee as those i had come up with.

vicissitude, according to the oxford dictionary means

‘one of the sudden or unexpected changes in one’s life, activities or surroundings’.

all I will say is ‘eeriely apt’.

also, we thought it was a playful take on my name and the word ‘attitude’. done deal!

and what about this image, which has become a sort of visual icon for the exhibition?


it’s cropped from one of the foldout books i’ve created and is probably my favourite work in the exhibition. symbolically autobiographic, i love the image for so many reasons.

foldout books-'shhh...don't say a word' & 'what if the woodcutter did his job?'

foldout books- 'shhh...don't say a word' & 'what if the woodcutter did his job?'

and so, thanks to my beautiful and talented friend kerry harrison, this is the final invitation to my 1st solo exhibition. I LOVE IT!

ok, this thing really is gonna happen!

ok, this thing really is gonna happen!

and so, i guess there’s only one more thing to say…………..

“would you like to attend the opening?”


One Response to “vi-cis-si-tude”

  1. Casey Says:

    To You Vanessa,My friend,
    Thankyou for everything that you have taught me, You are an inspiration, to me and to many. The exhibition was fantastic, You did so so well and looked nothing less than absolutely gorgeous. Thankyou so much for the invitation it meant the world to me that you thought to invite me.. Cant wait to catch up with you.

    Always Your friend

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