thank you for the remarkably unpredictable

my first solo exhibition has been hung, opened  and brought down.

but i’m still up there on cloud 9.

janet ness

me and janet - gallery co-owner, teacher, colleague & friend! Is there anything this woman can't do?

The entire experience, including opening night, exceeded my every expectation. But did I really have any expectations?

Over 200 people lent me their support by attending the opening on october 30 – overwhelming to say the least! and then there were those who would’ve been with me if they could have but sent me wonderful words of congratulations and encouragement for the night. thank you misty, samm, mandy, trish and terri in particular.

I am so grateful to janet and thel, preston street artspace  co-owners,  for the opportunity to show my work for the very first time. I am so pleased it was a win/win situation. thanks to my mum and dad for the drinks – enough 3 times over but they always cater to excess! thanks also to mum and lex for the food; my babies for serving and to everyone who was kind enough to come or actually purchase a piece of my work. yes! i actually SOLD!

kirsty and me

me & my beautiful friend and fellow artist kirsty - so pleased this work found it's home with her.

the ‘beyondblue’ group project was a fabulous success with over 30 people donating their original 10cmx10cm canvases to the exhibition and allowing us to sell them with all proceeds going to the charity. thank you to all the artists and to all the new art owners!


the original artworks donated to the beyondblue project! we raised $320 people!

my brother bren spoke on my behalf………..   🙂  that’s all I can really say without bursting into tears or laughter.

jodine mcbride, my friend, colleaugues and Yr12 Art Teacher way back when, opened for me and it was such a nostalgic moment knowing I had envisioned this happening 26 years ago. Her recollections of my final year of high school were amazing and in some instances, more vivid than mine. it reaffirms that as teachers we do certainly save places in our hearts for certain students and memories. what an inspiration! what a friend!

finally, a monumental note of thanks goes to my sista kez! I simply couldn’t have done it without her! this woman is incredible! she’s helping me with my ‘tude! it’s all in the ‘tude, isn’t it kez???????? I am inspired and encouraged and in awe of this woman!

And so? Where to now?

In revisiting the title of my exhibition –vicissitude(essentially meaning ‘variations in circumstances or fortune at different times in your life’), I realise that no matter how we plan, protect or prepare ourselves, what Life has to offer is remarkably unpredictible.

The bottom line is that there are vicissitudes in life and many come  before we are ready for them. The current mood I’m in, I say BRING THEM ON!


4 Responses to “thank you for the remarkably unpredictable”

  1. samm Says:

    darling, sweet girl… you deserve every glorious moment of joy. your art is stunning, i only wish i could have made it there in person to give you the gigantic hug that remains owing to you! when you come down to planet earth again, jump on a plane and come visit me here in the east. i can’t wait to make memories with you here in my new house xoxo

  2. Kirsty Says:

    At very at home it is!!! Reminds me everyday to just breathe!

  3. Kirsty Says:

    AND even…oops

  4. Nicole Says:

    I was so proud of you and to see your collection and even more proud to tell everyone that “Vanessa taught me the true meaning of art”
    Im looking forward to veiwing your next collection

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