Back Via the Angels

I’ve been MIA. Kidnapped by an illusion, delusion, deceptive fairytale. But I’m back stronger, wiser, albeit cynical about honesty, truth and love.

But I’m back!

And my art will prove that!

Amongst many other beautiful people, my dear friend Maria has helped me work through this recent turbulence – well not so recent. She imparted her knowledge, wisdom and insight to me back in November – gave me a shake and a jolt in January and again in March. Did I listen? NOOOOOOOOOOO! Blinded by lies and stupidity and selective hearing, Maria’s given me 3 ultimatums now! The truth or my sanity;  priority or my family; and lastly, acceptance or her friendship. I listened…………….finally….. to Maria and my Angels!

Maria is my psychic and now my very dear friend. I can thank Andrew at least for introducing us. Yesterday, Maria presented me with over 130 angel cards and told me to pick ONE – just one! That card, she said, would guide me away from this dark place full of lies to the path I’m meant to be following. Do you believe that the card above is the one I drew?

Enough said.

Oh, and my ‘love’, as much as we did have some amazing times and as much as we adored this song …….I DO believe you now. In fact, it is the ONLY lie I will ever believe where you’re concerned!


3 Responses to “Back Via the Angels”

  1. sammiam Says:

    sweetness, all i can say is welcome home and just know that my arms and my home are always here for you… miss you xoxo

  2. casey Says:

    oh you are so many things vanessa, ALL positive, believe in yourself babe, he brought 2 good things into your life. your physic friend and your ability to not believe any more bullshit, say it like it is, he is an A hole…. and you deserve so so so so so so much more than he could ever be able to give you or that you deserve,
    its great to see some movement in here, i live for it i tell ya…. you know i dont lie, i live for it..

    love you heaps ness, glad to see your back… and just in case nobody has said it……Welcome back babe xoxoxoxo

  3. Suki Says:

    I wondered where you have been…..

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