time to detour



on april 2 2010, my life changed forever. i was happily coming down what i thought was “happiness street” and even though i saw the upcoming orange roadblocks and signage ahead, i just kept walking along in good faith.

i don’t remember what happened next. and i wasn’t allowed to remember in the weeks, months to come. and so i just stopped. no right turn, no left, no going up or down, do not enter, wrong way. so i just stopped.

in the months ahead, in attempting to find the right road back, I sat in a circle with many broken people and allowed art to heal me. yes i am an artist but i had underestimated the healing properties of my passion. i had overestimated the importance of the product and was completely ignorant to the therapy of the process.

it’s taken me 4 months to find the courage to share my experiences here. it is difficult to relive much of what will seem quite poorly executed drawings and imagery.

many would call this art therapy. to me it was  and is healing.


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