who is the fairest…….?

may 3

Imagine you are walking down a cobbled laneway. tucked into a stoned wall corner is a curious looking giftshop. you walk inside and are overwhelmed by the amazing array and diversity of objects the giftshop displays. the shopkeeper informs you may select any item in the shop but no money must change hands. For trade of the object, you must leave behind one negative trait or experience from your lifetime.

i stared at the tribal empress mask, the bundle of old rusty keys and other strange, yet familiar items. and then i saw it. reaching for the silver gilded handle, i lifted the hand mirror off the shelf. “And how will you be paying today?” the woman asked me. ” With self-doubt” I answered.  And as I carefully placed the mirror into my bag, I left my payment there, bleeding and worthless on the counter.


2 Responses to “who is the fairest…….?”

  1. sha Says:

    Vess can u please msg me or ring me.. thanks 🙂

  2. the phoenix Says:

    well its great to see some new art from you miss ness, this is very powerful, i see it as meeting your old but very much loved “you” and remembering who you are…. love it miss ness…..absolutley LOVE it..
    well done you, I am so very proud of everything that you have achieved and the hurdles that you fought through during the last year…You should be aswell…love and thoughts are always with you my very good friend..

    Love Always
    The Phoenix.

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